Meet the Team

Alison, Founder / Perfumer


Founder / Perfumer

Alison Harvoutt (Ali) has a private collection of over 1500 fragrances, to say she loves perfume doesn't do her passion justice. She founded My Own Brand Of Perfume because she believes as human beings we are all equal and that 'celebrity' status should be afforded to everyone but particularly those we love most. Ali oversees every bottle, yes personally every bottle, she wants you to be happy with your product.

Karen, Fragrance Expert


Fragrance Expert

Karen Gilbert is a fragrance expert and business coach who demystifies the world of perfumery and mentors entrepreneurs in the luxury lifestyle sector. With extensive industry experience working with leading skincare and fragrance brands, Karen teaches perfumery to individuals and creates fragrance training events for corporate clients as well as providing coaching and mentoring for those wishing to create their own luxury brand. Karen is a twice published author, entrepreneur and also runs a successful retail business in London.

Keeley, Stock Control and Buyer


Stock Control and Buyer

We carry over 300 individual ‘ingredients’ and along with the packaging, inks, ribbons and everything else that is a lot of stuff to manage. So if we run out we blame Keeley.

Kim, Office Goddess and Organised Genius


Office Goddess and Organised Genius

In an office of creative types you need a “doer” that's Kim. She is the one who looks out for spelling mistakes, makes sure the filing is done, organises the parties and remembers the things everyone else forgets. She gets the job done.

Emma, Marketing



Resourceful and with an eye for detail and design, Emma has an intensive writing background and would love to help you if you are stuck for an idea as to what to put on your fragrance.

Brian, Photographer



An awesome photographer and friend to us here at MOBO Perfume, Brian's inspirational and calming shots of nature can be seen hanging on our office walls and throughout our social media. Brian has a large catalogue of images which can be used on your brand.

David, Designer and Creative Direction


Designer and Creative Direction

David is the friendly geek, the one who just knows what to do if the network is playing up, he is also our graphic designer and creative image guru.

Elaine, Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer

Elaine is a Graphic Designer at GetSited - the company behind 'the making of' this website.