Create your own brand of perfume

Welcome to 'My Own Brand of Perfume'

My Own Brand Of Perfume brings to the market high quality fragrance with a difference.

Let’s banish the idea of celebrity idolising! Stamp down on the trend of looking, and even smelling like someone in the spot light. MOBO believes the only people that really count in life are you and your loved ones.

Supplying you with the tools you need to choose your own blend of fragrance and design your own bottle, allowing you to create a scent that’s truly unique to you.

Creating personalised fragrances to choose from and uniquely designed bottles, through MOBO you are able to create a fantastically unique product, for yourself or a friend or loved one.

As individuals we are so unique, and personal taste is a complex blend created over a life time.

Whilst we love to have fun with designing you a truly creative and innovative brand, the fragrance comes first. Our fragrances are of ultimate quality and are luxurious, using the best blend of scents available.

When you’re investing in a scent that will be worn nearly every day, taking you through experiences, relationships and general everyday life, it’s important that it’s personal to you, reflecting what you’re really about. Or choose a fragrance for a loved one, one you feel reflects them as a person then tell them just how much they mean to you, write it on the bottle so every time they spray they think of you. How wonderful.

Choose from our wide selection of perfumes and then personalise your own bottle with your name and message! We have bottle designs suitable for men, women and children, and perfumes in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. Simply click on ‘Create!‘ to start the process!